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Current Classes

Monday Morning Lectures

Spend your Monday Mornings exercising your mind. All Monday Morning Lectures (MML) will be on Monday at 9:30 am at the Kearney Public Library.

Starting March 13th and continuing every Monday morning through April 17th we will present a special lecture on a unique topic of interest. There are two options for registration - pre-registration through the Senior College website for the entire series OR pay at the door (cash/check/credit card) for each individual lecture. The Lectures are open to Senior College members and their guests.

Click here to download the complete list and descriptions of Monday Morning Lectures.

T'ai Chi

They're back! The ladies want to help you relax and improve your balance, gain greater strength, achieve better coordination, cope better with stress and sleep better. If that sounds like what you need, then T’ai Chi is for you! Enjoy fun while you are helping yourself to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle

This class is limited to 15 participants.

Maize (Zea Mays)

Corn is one of the world’s most important grain crops. It is grown as food for both humans and livestock, and has hundreds of other uses as well. Corn and Nebraska are inseparable. This class will start with the origin of Zea mays 8000 years ago and end with a glimpse of the future. We will have presentations from “people of the corn” who are working on the future as well as preserving the past. The class will be divided into different sections with a variety of guest speakers and possible field trips to Bayer Co.’s Gothenburg and Kearney facilities.

Please be aware that the April 10th class will be a visit to The Bayer/Dekalb Plant in the East Side of Kearney. The tour will require unassisted walking on uneven ground, climbing stairways, and extended standing. We encourage you to register for this class but, if your mobility is limited or easily exhausted, we will not be able to include you on that date. The following week's class (April 17) will be the Final Day of class with Ronnie O'Brien talking about "The Pawnee Corn”.

Six Economists Who Shaped the World: What Insight Could They Offer Today?

The current economic landscape presents a series of substantial challenges. Government policymakers seem hard-pressed to find meaningful solutions. Perhaps we can gain insight by looking at the foundational ideas associated with six economists who had a significant impact on the world. Analyzing their individual perspectives, we will discuss what ideas each contributed that have evolved into solutions for today’s problems.

Journey Through Judaism: Snapshots of a Religious Culture

This course will provide snapshots of various aspects of Judaism through the lens of a people with a religious culture. Snapshots will include: (1) language and peoplehood, (2) values and customs, (3) holidays and celebrations, (4) history and events, and (5) faith and religion.

Senior Estate Planning

Senior Estate Planning is an in-depth review of the process to prepare you for your final days. We will also be able to help you understand different ways to finalize your will and/or estate in order to be reasonable and fair to the heirs.


American Labor: Work, Struggle and Process

The organization of work is a historical outcome of a battle. Part of the battle was of the mind; however, American workers also engaged in a bloody struggle which has largely been forgotten. In this class, we will cover many ideas including Scientific and Employee Involvement.

Religious Worlds

Everyone has opinions regarding religion: (1) Religions all teach the same thing, (2) Religion is the cause of most problems, (3) The world would be better if more people were religious, (4) I’m spiritual but not religious! This class looks at the religious in a global and historical perspective in an effort to better understand this human phenomenon called Religion. What is religion? How does it work? We will introduce some basic concepts that scholars of religion use to analyze religious behavior and try to gain clarity about the differences and parallels between religious traditions.

Celebrating National Poetry Month with More About Poems

 This class will meet only two times. In this class we will be discussing how poems work and will use a selection of poems to illustrate these ideas. Some poems will be from local authors, some “classics” and some of Chuck’s favorites


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