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Senior College is back with many exciting classes for fall!

Fall Class Registration is now open!

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Monday Morning Lectures

Spend your Monday Mornings exercising your mind. All Monday Morning Lectures (MML) will be on Monday at 9:30 am at the Kearney Public Library.

Starting September 20th and continuing every Monday morning through October 25th we will present a special lecture on a unique topic of interest. There are two options for registration - pre-registration through the Senior College website for the entire series OR pay at the door (cash/check/credit card). The Lectures are open to Senior College members and their guests.

Click here to download the complete list and descriptions of Monday Morning Lectures.

T'ai Chi

Do you need a little help with your balance? Tai Chi may be the answer. This season we will do the Mini Tai Chi series and a new one just for balance. Come join us and help yourself to a more active enjoyable life style.

This class is limited to 15 participants.

Silk Roads, Sea Roads and Sand Roads: Global Trade and Connectivity, Past and Present

This course will explore an incredible era of interaction between the people of Africa, Europe and Asia from roughly 600 to 1450. Exploring Pre-Modern trade networks, such as the Silk Roads of Eurasia, the Indian Ocean Trade Network and Trans-Saharan Caravan Routes, help us understand that the past was more cosmopolitan than we might imagine. The importance of 21st Century shipping routes, canals, rail infrastructure and road networks enables the participation in the global economy by states in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Engaging Your Aging Brain

Even though your brain may not respond as quickly or as clearly as it once did, there are numerous stimulating activities that can help invigorate and fine-tune your brain-power. In the class “Engaging Your Aging Brain” you will discover fascinating daily activities to enhance clarity of thought and memory. At the same time as a class, we will have great fun playing “brain-games” that can be used each and every day to empower our aging brains.

Family History Search for All

Many of you have dabbled in genealogy and some of you have been working with it for years.  It doesn’t matter.  We want you all. Come join in the fun of the search and learn some new tricks along the way. You are valuable to us whether you are just starting or refreshing what you have. Our motto is “We help each other along the way”. So come share what you have and take what you can.

"Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?" A Guide to Passing On Personal Possessions

Families and individuals often have to make difficult decisions about inheritance issues following a death or a family crisis, or during a move to an apartment or nursing home. Preparing a will or when carrying out the wishes of a loved one can be difficult. There can be powerful messages in who gets what, so planning ahead allows for more choices, opportunities for communication and fewer misunderstandings and conflicts. This multi-session course will walk participants through the thinking and planning process for the passing on of personal possessions so that family relationships can be protected.

The Geography of American Antiques

The Geography of American Antiques course will cover a variety of topics, from material culture to market analysis. To a large degree, cultures are defined by their material past. There are numerous examples that highlight how those material items are being diffused in today’s antiques trade. Additionally, the Internet, specifically eBay, has profoundly impacted not only how things are disseminated but the price of antiques as well. The Junk Jaunt project spatially examines multiple datasets that offer the opportunity to evaluate buyer and seller locations and the diffusion of a vast array of items. Beyond selling “stuff” this study evaluates the commodification of place and how communities can capitalize on local culture.

Dark Universe

OoowEeee, It’s DARK Out There.  Everything we can see with our eyes and with powerful instruments – everything we think of as atom-based matter - is only 5% of what we know exists. The rest of the contents of the cosmos is invisible to our current methods of detection - but something out there is holding galaxies and galaxy clusters together and something else is causing space itself to fly apart. These invisible components are dark matter and dark energy. This course describes how we know we know they are there and what they might be and what they might do to our universe.

The Evolution of American Capitalism

Contemporary American Capitalism is the result of a long evolutionary process shaped by historical events, legislation and fundamental changes in technology, culture, political organization and interpersonal relationships. This process has not ended, as innovation and globalization continue to bring new challenges and new opportunities to our economic system. We journey from hunter/gatherer societies through Adam Smith, the Gilded Age, the Keynesian Revolution, Ayn Rand and Objectivism to Richard Thaler’s adaptive economics. We end the class by looking at the current state of the economy.

The Long Expedition: Exploration and Discovery on the Great Plains

The Long Expedition, led by Major Stephen Long, stands as a significant milestone in the early history of the American West, advancing scientific, geographical and cultural knowledge. The Long Expedition was also a dramatic journey…an expedition member challenged Long to a duel, they ran out of food forcing men to eat their horses, men deserted and valuable scientific sketchbooks were stolen. Learn more about the remarkable Long Expedition and its important discoveries in this six-week class.

Mobile Phone Photography

Take your phone photography to the next level. Learn composition and lighting techniques that will help you take great photos. There will be examples and tips to focus on your subject to add impact to your images. We will discuss apps keepsakes. Bring your phone, have fun and learn some new photography tricks.

This class is limited to 10 participants.

Weather 101

True or False? “Red sky in morning, sailors give warning. Red sky at night, sailors delight”? Join us for Weather 101. We’ll be “Banking off of the northeast winds, Sailing on a summer breeze” as we make our way through the essentials of the weather. Just think how impressed the people in your coffee group will be when you tell them about lapse rates, adiabatic cooling and Coriolis Effect. Course Prerequisite – desire to learn for the fun of it.

How to Read and Appreciate Poetry

We might not always know what a poem is; however, it is always something. This course will explore contemporary poetry from free verse to new forms such as the ghazal and the duplex. We will explore what makes up a poem and how these poetic devices, or lack thereof, influence the poem and our reading of it. It is my hope that we have an understanding of how and why poems shiver our spine and last in the chest through poets working today. Some poets we’ll explore -  Forrest Gander, Tracy K. Smith, Natalie Diaz, Jihyun Yun, Gabrielle Bates, Ruth Awad and Jericho Brown, among others.

This class has been cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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