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Winterim Classes

Nothing beats the winter blahs better than an invigorating dose of Senior College Winterim classes!! Check back in early January for the class list - there's sure to be something to peak your interest. All Winterim classes are free to the public so come and join us and see what all the fun is about.

Dispelling Myths about Vaccines

Since Spring 2020 our lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19. Now, a vaccine promises to be our knight in shining armor and save us from getting sick. In this course, basic information about vaccines and how they stimulate the immune system to protect us will be given. We will pay particular attention to the new COVID-19 vaccine and why you should get it. We will discuss different ways society views vaccines, particular attention to the current anti-vaccination movement and how social media has impacted the spread of anti- vaccine propaganda. As we discuss these issues our goal will be to dispel the many myths and misinformation that are prevalent in our society.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

Chuck Peek Would Like a Moment of Your Time

Chuck Peek, who will be teaching "Six More Great Short Stories" in the Spring term, would like 75-90 minutes of your time to talk some about how Modern and Postmodern short stories appeal to us--what might be their common ground, story to story touching on things that touch our hearts and engage our minds. Our discussion will involve our own walks down memory lane about the people and places that nurtured us and stood out in our communities. If you have a favorite short story, have it in mind for our discussion.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

Digging Up Your Past

This course will help facilitate those who are interested in searching and writing their own family history. The end goal is having the tools and resources to submit your family’s history to the Buffalo County Historical Society Sesquicentennial book project. We will not only help you learn how to utilize some of the great resources available to you, but emphasize how to write a family history! Whether you have lived in Buffalo County for a year, or 60, we want your story.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

Kearney Creates

Chuck Peek and Kate Benzel are ready to unveil the most comprehensive chronicle and celebration ever compiled of the arts in Kearney—a website introducing you to stages and galleries, concert halls and beer gardens, artists and teachers, patrons and audiences for the wide range of visual, kinetic, written, musical arts as they are conceived, performed and staged, promoted and enjoyed. We’ll be showing you some of the highlights, giving you a primer in how this unique site works and asking for your further suggestions. They will invite some of the other editors (Terry Sinnard Jerry Fox, Kerri Garrison, Terry Lee Schifferns and Nathan Tye) to join us in this presentation and discussion.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

How to Plan and Control Your End of Life Journey

End of life is a difficult conversation topic but a situation that inevitably we all will face. Trust us, we work hospice so often when people ask what we do, the conversation ends there! Every journey is unique but can be navigated with grace and dignity. In this course we will go over steps and planning to help prepare you or a loved one for this experience. Topics will include finances, resources in the community, conversations to have with family members, power of attorney and more. Planning for Your Life Insurance Policy to Mature!. Using a last will and testament (probate) to settle your estate or probate avoidance and proper titling of assets, myths and misconceptions.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

Term Limits on Food

Between the food industry and consumers, Americans are throwing out about 1/3 of our food! Confusion about the dates that appear on the labels of packaged food contributes to about 20% of food waste in the home. Clear up the confusion on food product dates while preventing food waste and still serve your family safe food.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

A Travelogue with Ron and Mary Scott

How do you: 1. Plan, 2. Pack, 3. AND actually go? And, let’s throw in a volcanic eruption in for chuckles......we will answer those questions and take you along for a ride around, well, almost, around the world. Buckle Up.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

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