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Current Classes

The Annual Senior College Documentary Series

The Senior College Documentary Series is a monthly showing of recent award-winning documentary films at Kearney Public Library presented by the Senior College of Central Nebraska as a special class for Senior College members.

Each month --  October thru February  -- a different film will be presented. When possible, the film will be accompanied by a speaker or panel discussion led by people who have particular insights, knowledge or experience with the content and issues in the film.

Enrollment Information:
The Senior College Documentary Series is open to current members of the Senior College.
Annual Membership Fee ………………………………………...... $25
Documentary Film Series Registration Fee…………………….  $25

  • If you are a CURRENT (2023) member of Senior College, you may enroll in the Documentary Series with payment of the $25 Series  Registration. The Documentary Series will extend into 2024 and your 2023 Membership will cover only the Series. If you wish to participate in any other Senior College classes or special events in 2024 you must renew your membership in 2024.
  • If you are NOT a current (2023) member of Senior College you may enroll in The Series with payment of a 2023 Annual Membership Fee ($25) plus Class Registration Fee ($25) - - $50 Total. Your New Membership will carry over through 2024.

Click here to download the complete schedule of documentaries for this season and the mail-in enrollment form.

Monday Morning Lectures

Spend your Monday Mornings exercising your mind. All Monday Morning Lectures (MML) will be on Monday at 9:30 am at the Kearney Public Library.

Starting September 11th and continuing every Monday morning through October 16th we will present a special lecture on a unique topic of interest. There are two options for registration - pre-registration through the Senior College website for the entire series OR pay at the door (cash/check/credit card) for each individual lecture. The Lectures are open to Senior College members and their guests.

Click here to download the complete list and descriptions of Monday Morning Lectures.

Renewable Energy Sources

The means of future electrical energy generation and delivery are changing dramatically. Solar, wind, nuclear, battery storage, energy distribution - all are moving into a new and different energy future. Join this discussion with energy experts from NPPD and regional energy utilities and developers exploring new and emerging energy technologies.

T'ai Chi

Everyone wants to relax and improve their balance, gain strength, achieve better coordination, cope with stress and sleep better. Join us for Tai Chi and have fun while you are helping yourself to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.

This class is limited to 15 participants.

The Hollywood Western

By the early 1950s, Hollywood was making close to 50 Western feature films a year which was roughly 25% of the industry’s total film production. By the late 1950s, Westerns made up seven of the ten most popular shows on television. In fact, they still enjoy popularity today. Consider that the modern western Yellowstone was the most popular drama on television last season. Why? Our aim is to propose some answers to the question of why the Western genre has endured in American culture. The first showing will be Shane (1953).

Precision Agriculture

Who remembers Grandpa’s farm where you sat on an open platform tractor, plowed the fields each spring and prayed for rain on Saturday night? Something akin to Grant Wood’s American Gothic painting. Today’s farm and farmer bear little resemblance to this image, and we are here to bring you up to date. A brief history of where we were in the 1950’s and 1960’s will serve as a foundation for introducing today’s notill farming practices. Today’s technologies, both equipment and crops, as well as current farm demographics and economics will be explored. 

Reading the Landscape - Geology for the Traveler

On the road again, watching the world go by. “Same old same old. There’s a hill over there. What’s that red stone? Are we in the mountains yet? Gee- I wish I had taken that geology class”. Well, here’s your chance to wrap yourself in a blanket of basic geologic and land-forming processes that will help you “read the road”. Bring your list of “places of interest” and we’ll try to make them interesting.

Getting Into Those Classical Orchestral Favorites

Let’s see why Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is so monumental and why John Williams Star Wars sounds like Wagner’s overtures. We could taste all the moods of Holst’s The Planets and learn how Dukas sweeps us into the water nightmare of Sorcerer’s Apprentice. We could even tackle a couple of your favorite classical pieces to bring deeper appreciation.

Want to know more about this class? Click on this link to watch a YouTube video from the instructor, John Gosswein.

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