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Current Classes

Spring Semester Classes

Spring classes are set to begin on Monday, March 11th with Monday Morning Lectures beginning that day as well! Registration begins on February 25th at 2:00 pm.

Monday Morning Lectures

Spend your Monday Mornings exercising your mind. All Monday Morning Lectures (MML) will be on Monday at 9:30 am at the Kearney Public Library.

Starting March 11th and continuing every Monday morning through April 15th we will present a special lecture on a unique topic of interest. There are two options for registration - pre-registration through the Senior College website for the entire series OR pay at the door (cash/check/credit card) for each individual lecture. The Lectures are open to Senior College members and their guests.

Click here to download the complete list and descriptions of Monday Morning Lectures.

T'ai Chi

Everyone wants to relax and improve their balance, gain strength, achieve better coordination, cope with stress and sleep better. Join us for Tai Chi and have fun while you are helping yourself to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.

This class is limited to 15 participants.


Rivers have been here long before we got here. They sculpt landscapes, they go where they need to go to fulfill their obligation to gravity. They are also subject to human manipulation and - often - misuse.  In this class we'll discuss the nature and science of river flows, the history of what happens at the interface of people and rivers - what people do to rivers, and what rivers do to us.     

Economics - 2024

Session 1:  Is Nebraska positioned for growth?  Nebraska as a State has no debt, a history of balanced budgets, low unemployment, and favorable economic metrics.  The question then becomes, what hurdles do we have to grow, and how do we get over them?

Session 2:  What is the role of the Federal Reserve System? Most people outside the world of banking, are unaware of the role the Federal Reserve plays when it comes to monetary policy, which impacts all depositors, our nation, and the world as a whole.  What threats may exist for the Federal Reserve in the future?  What special services does the Federal Reserve offer the banking community?

The Third Best Thing

Communities that encourage creative engagement are vibrant, forward-thinking, and resilient communities. We’ll look at the economic and social conditions that ushered in the Renaissance and Modernist periods and the artistic innovations those movements brought about. We’ll discuss art in the Postmodern era, and exchange thoughts about our experiences with art and the opportunities that we have to create and appreciate the art of today. 

Chapters in the History of American Religion

Religion has been a driving force in American cultural and political life from the earliest stages of colonization to the present.  It is a long, complex and fascinating story!  This course will provide detailed snapshots of key moments in the history of American religion to illustrate the arc of religious development in America and to introduce key debates about religion in America.

Diversity-Equity-Inclusion TED Talks

Recently, DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) has become a “Political Football.” In this class, we will explore each of those meaningful terms using TED talks directed towards at least one of them at a time. We will not be engaged in the pros or cons of DEI - only the issues of their existence. Come engage yourself in the 18 TED talks in a setting where each participant can partake. [TED talks have been a staple of Senior College for several years. Try 'em--- You'll like 'em.]

Yo Grandpa! Things Have Changed

”Yo, Grandpa!" will examine the current challenges that young people face in successfully moving into adulthood. Topics will include student debt, career choices in the face of rapid changes in the workplace, buying the first house, saving for their retirement with the uncertain future of Social Security, the cost of child-rearing, and the impact of social media on personal relationships.

Bach & Handel: The Passion and The Messiah

Johann Bach and George Handel both wrote major religious works surrounding the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, yet each wrote for a specific style of audience.   Here is an opportunity to share in a spiritual and musical journey, exploring, listening and appreciating the St. Matthew Passion and Messiah.  Your co-explorers are music educator and Axtell Oratorio Society conductor Andrea Wendell Wheeler and Pastor John Gosswein.      

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