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Spring Semester Classes

Spring has arrived - well at least the Senior College Spring classes have arrived! 

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Monday Morning Lectures

Spend your Monday Mornings exercising your mind. All Monday Morning Lectures (MML) will be on Monday at 9:30 am and will be presented via Zoom.

Starting March 15th and continuing every Monday morning through April 19th we will present a special lecture via Zoom on a unique topic of interest. Pre-registration through the Senior College website is required. The Lectures are open to Senior College members and their guests.

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The Joys of Birdwatching with Audubon Nebraska

Birdwatching is a rewarding hobby that can easily be picked up at any time in one’s life, and can be practiced in many ways.  However, because birding presents an initial learning curve, people without the proper resources may be discouraged from picking up and sticking with the hobby.  Audubon has numerous resources to introduce beginners to the world of birding and help experienced birders sharpen their skills. This class is meant to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere to help participants form connections with each other through mutual experiences with birds and with the natural world by gaining skills and resources to identify birds and by discovering their importance in our daily lives. 

This class will be presented through Zoom.

Six More Great Stories

These stories are, mainly, darn good reads. The stories will instruct us as we explore their styles, themes, subjects, authors and some of the literary and intellectual history that surrounds them. We will read Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”, Willa Cather’s “Eric Hermannson’s Soul” and “Paul’s Case”, William Faulkner’s “Red Leaves”, Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “Corazon’s Cafe” and James Baldwin’s “Going to Meet the Man.”  

This class presented via Zoom and may be recorded.

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories

“Conspiracy theory refers to an explanation of past, ongoing or future events or circumstances that cites as a main causal factor a small group of powerful persons, the conspirators, acting in secret for their own benefit and against the common good.” Conspiracy theories have been a part of U.S. History from the beginning. We will review a good number of them from the JFK assassination to the “deep state” and earlier ones. And we will look at the psychological reasons for people believing them.

This class presented via Zoom and may be recorded.

Journey Through Judaism: Snapshots of a Religious Culture

This course will provide snapshots of various aspects of Judaism through the lens of a people with a religious culture. Snapshots will include: (1) language and peoplehood; (2) values and customs; (3) holidays and celebrations; (4) history and events and (5) faith and religion.

This class presented via Zoom and may be recorded.

Cancer - Character Sketch of a Disease

40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. The course covers the fascinating science and often fierce human drama entailed in these diseases. The attentive student will emerge with a better understanding of the nuts and bolts of the disease and every day oncology practice, more prepared to navigate the medical system if necessary. Lectures will cover cancer biology, causes, prevention and screening of cancer; progress in cancer treatments; case studies of the evaluation and treatment of some cancer patients and reflections on the timeless principles of patient care.

This class presented via Zoom and may be recorded.


Cities: History, Evolution and Future

We live in them and can’t live without them. In 1800 20% of Americans lived in cities; in 1900 30% lived in cities; in 2020 80% live in cities. The Urbanization “experiment” has changed the human experience as much or more than the invention of fire. We’ll explore the history and evolution of urbanization along with the models we use for making the   urban environment more livable and less chaotic.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

Plants and Gardening 101 - Back to the Basics

Do you ever feel like you’ll never know it all about your plants or garden? Me too! Join us this spring as we go back to the basics on several plant and gardening topics. We will cover the best growing environment for plants; identifying trees and that nasty Emerald Ash Borer; container vegetable gardening and a deeper look into caring for prickly but beautiful roses.

This class will be presented via Zoom and may be recorded.

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