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Previous Classes

These are classes that Senior College has offered in the past.

Summer Semester - June/July 2021

Walking Park Tours
Ideologies, Identities & Alternate Realities: Political Parties in Transition
Rich Stories from Buffalo County Townships
Growing a City
RIP: Death and Cemetery Culture
Upstairs Downtown: A Field Trip of 2nd Floors in Downtown Kearney

Spring Semester - March/April 2021

Six More Great Short Stories
The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories
Journey Through Judaism: Snapshots of a Religious Culture
Cancer - Character Sketch of a Disease
Cities: History, Evolution and Future
Plants & Gardening 101 - Back to the Basics
The Joys of Birdwatching with Audubon Nebraska

Winterim - January/February 2021

Hey! Where'd My Front Porch Go
How to Improve American Elections
What is the Nature of the US v China Economics Relationship
Dispelling Myths About Vaccines
Chuck Peek - I'd Like a Moment of Your Time
Digging Up Your Past
Kearney Creates
How to Plan and Control Your End of Life Journey
Term Limits on Food
A Travelogue with Ron and Mary

Fall Semester - September/October 2020

Rowe Sanctuary Fall Flowers
Family History Fun
Plein Air Watercolor Art
Maps and Mapping: How We Know Where Things Are
Election 2020: Three Really Great UNK Professors Talk About Election History, Politics & Economics
Cell Phone Photography

Winterim - January/February 2020

Tenacious Grace: Waking Up to What's Working in the World
Basic Introduction to Sign Language
An Inside Look at the Nebraska Legislature
Giving Your Brain a Daily Tune-Up
History of Kearney
It's All Elementary: How Elements Are Different and How They Are Used in Today's World
One River, Two Diaries
Rural Health Care - A Tectonic Shift
Making Sense of Opinion Polls

Fall Semester - September/October 2019

T'ai Chi
Medical Issues for Seniors
The Arthurian Tradition on the Page and Screen
Journey Through the Nineteenth Century with Nebraska Artist Explorers, Class III
Medieval Britain - From Romans to Tudors
TED Talks
A "Staycation" in Kearney

Summer Semester - June 2019

Scandal and Reform in the Modern Presidency
Strum that Ukelele
Broadway Musicals and Racial Overtones
Ghost Towns of Buffalo County
Introduction to Spray Paint Art

Spring Semester - March/April 2019

T'ai Chi
Understanding Art: And Now For the Rest of the Story
TED Talks
Butterfly Gardening/Butterflies and Moths of NE
The Yin and Yang of Life: Ways to Combat Hardening of the Attitudes
The Sixties
Global Climate Change
What Were We Thinking? Staging the Sixties
Let's Go To London (by Video)

Winterim - January/February 2019

Your City of Kearney Government
Rail Passenger Service: World War II to the Present
The Business of Kearney is Business
The Book of the Tile Club
Autograph Stories
The Sixties at 60 and My Antonia at 100!
The US Constitution at the Intersection of Church and State
Remember the 60's? Where Were You When...??

Fall Semester - 2018

T'ai Chi
Finding Your Ancestors
Journey Through the 19th Century with Nebraska's Artists
Everything You Wanted to Know About Volcanoes
Kearney's Industrial Base
TED Talks
Stem Cells - Known, Unknown and Promises

Summer Semester - June/July 2018

Hey, America! How's Your Democracy?
When Is The Right Time?
Fearless Watercolor Painting
The Rowe Experience
History of Olde Towne Keaney
Storytime in Instrumental Music Land

Spring Semester - March/April 2018

T'ai Chi
Nazi Germany
Inspecting the Continent
The History of the Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Power
Journey to the Edge of the Universe
The Boradway Musical
Controversy in the Visual Arts
The Unvanquished: Faulkner, Courage and Southern Shenanigans
New Frontiers: A Senior College Lecture Series
TED Talks

Winterim - January/February 2018

The Civil War: What You Never Learned in School
Senior Fraud - Update on Scams ..... freeeeee
Who Says So? How We Got What We Call Language
The Methuselah Tree
Can Free Markets Free People: The Role of Economics in Combating Human Trafficking
The Filthy Thirteen and From the Dustbowl to Hitler's Eagle's Nest
The Fish Course
Money In United States Elections
Pass It On: Making History Through Personal Stories

Fall 2017

Advances in Medicine
Journey Through the 19th Century with Nebraska's Artist Explorers
Finding "Mrs. Dalloway": 20th Century Love and War
Kearney's Industrial Base
Natural Hazards and Disasters
TED Talks

Summer 2017

Can He DO That? Donald Trump vs the Conventional Wisdom on Presidential Politics
Wondering About Art
Historical Churches in Kearney

Spring - March/April 2017

T'ai Chi
Drawing with Fun-damentals
The Holocaust
Enhancing the Aging Brain
Line Dancing
Myth and The Mystery Novel
Senior College TED Talks
Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Winterim - January/February 2017

Squeezing the Juice Out of Life's Third Trimester
The Methuselah Tree
Medical Screening - When to Stop & Sleep Apnea
Medicine on the Lewis and Clark Trail
A Look at the August 2017 Solar Eclipse
The Return of an Ancient Partner: Hemp
Whither American Democracy - or Wither American Democracy? Elections and the Qualities of Citizens





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