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Previous Classes

These are classes that Senior College has offered in the past.

Spring Semester - March/April, 2024

Tai Chi
Economics 2024
The Third Best Thing
Chapters in the History of American Religion
Diversity - Equity - Inclusion TED Talks
Yo, Grandpa! Things Have Changed>br /> Bach & Handel - The Passion and the Messiah

Winterim - January/February 2024

Touring Turkey with Myths, Tales, Religious Sites and Word/Phrase Origins
The 1619 Project and American Politics
Getting to Know the Kearney Outdoor Learning Area
Acme Presents - A Coyote Howl
Why Can't Republicans and Democrats Understand Each Other?
Advance Directives in Nebraska
What Happens When My Spouse Enters a Nursing Home?
Be Red Cross Ready

Fall Semester - September/October 2023

Renewable Energy
T'ai Chi
The Hollywood Western
Precision Agriculture
Reading the Landscape - Geology for the Traveler
Getting Into Those Classical Orchestral Favorites

Summer - June 2023

Keeping Kearney Klean
Politics of Public Education
The Wisdom of our Body
Chair Yoga
Stories We Have Heard
Discovering the Hidden World of Insects

Spring Semester - March/April 2023

T'ai Chi
Maize (Zea Mays)
Six Economists Who Shaped the World: What Insight Could They Offer Today?
Journey Through Judaism: Snapshots of a Religious Culture
Houseplants 101
Senior Estate Planning
American Labor: Work, Struggle and Process
Religious Worlds
Celebrating National Poetry Month with More About Poems

Winterim - January/February 2023

Touring Ancient Greece with Myths, Tales & Word Origins
Assessing 101: What Property Owners Need to Know
Finding Corn's Roots
Whiskey's fer Drinking; Water's fer Fighting: Hydropolitical Megatrends
History of Kearney: All 150 Years
From Arrest to Disposition: The Nuts & Bolts of Criminal Litigation
The Next Arms Race: Weaponizing Behavioral Economics for Political Campaigns
Six Proposed Amendments to the US Consitution

Fall Semester - September/October 2022

T'ai Chi
Endangered Species in Nebraska
Life and Times of Electric Vehicles
What Will You Find in Your Family?
Kearney's Industrial Base
Einstein Yesterday, Einstein Today, Einstein Forever
Chronicling the Civil War Through Images and Artifacts
Residential Energy Savings as a Local Economic Driver
Philosophy 001: Thinking About What's Been Thought
American Women's History
TED Talks and Ageism

Summer - June 2022

Murder She Wrote
Ukulele Lessons
On-Site Walking Park Tours
New Realities in American Politics
The Rowe Experience
Upstairs Downtown

Spring Semester - March/April 2022

Tai Chi
Inflation: What Causes It? What Can We Do About It?
Why Are There Mountains?
The Classic Hollywood Era and Its Stars
Everyone Loves a Blanket
What Is a Good Test? How to Test a Test
Art Reading Us While We Read It

Winterim - January/February 2022

Art & Meaning: A Preview for Spring
The State of the City and County
Fall Prevention - One Step at a Time
The Civil War and Nebraska
Stories from the Nebraska Cowboy Trail
Reader's Theater: Acting Up with Comedy and Drama
What's Happening at UNK

Fall Semester - September/October 2021

T'ai Chi
Silk Roads, Sea Roads & Sand Roads: Global Trade & Connectivity, Past & Present
Engaging Your Aging Brain
Family History Search for All
Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate? A Guide to Passing on Personal Possessions
The Geography of American Antiques
Dark Universe
The Evolution of American Capitalism
The Long Expedition: Exploration & Discovery on the Great Plains
Mobile Phone Photography
Weather 101

Summer Semester - June/July 2021

Walking Park Tours
Ideologies, Identities & Alternate Realities: Political Parties in Transition
Rich Stories from Buffalo County Townships
Growing a City
RIP: Death and Cemetery Culture
Upstairs Downtown: A Field Trip of 2nd Floors in Downtown Kearney

Spring Semester - March/April 2021

Six More Great Short Stories
The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories
Journey Through Judaism: Snapshots of a Religious Culture
Cancer - Character Sketch of a Disease
Cities: History, Evolution and Future
Plants & Gardening 101 - Back to the Basics
The Joys of Birdwatching with Audubon Nebraska

Winterim - January/February 2021

Hey! Where'd My Front Porch Go
How to Improve American Elections
What is the Nature of the US v China Economics Relationship
Dispelling Myths About Vaccines
Chuck Peek - I'd Like a Moment of Your Time
Digging Up Your Past
Kearney Creates
How to Plan and Control Your End of Life Journey
Term Limits on Food
A Travelogue with Ron and Mary

Fall Semester - September/October 2020

Rowe Sanctuary Fall Flowers
Family History Fun
Plein Air Watercolor Art
Maps and Mapping: How We Know Where Things Are
Election 2020: Three Really Great UNK Professors Talk About Election History, Politics & Economics
Cell Phone Photography

Winterim - January/February 2020

Tenacious Grace: Waking Up to What's Working in the World
Basic Introduction to Sign Language
An Inside Look at the Nebraska Legislature
Giving Your Brain a Daily Tune-Up
History of Kearney
It's All Elementary: How Elements Are Different and How They Are Used in Today's World
One River, Two Diaries
Rural Health Care - A Tectonic Shift
Making Sense of Opinion Polls


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