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How much does a Membership in Senior College Cost?
The Annual Membership in Senior College is $25. 

How much do Senior College Classes Cost?
The typical class enrollment fee is $35 per class. Some classes may have additional costs associated with materials or travel. All costs are presented in the Course Descriptions.  Some special events will require additional fees.

Senior College often offers special classes or opportunities that may meet only once or twice. Depending on circumstances, these classes may have fees attached as well. All fees are presented in each published course description.

I’d like to participate in Senior College but I have limited resources. Does Senior College provide additional support?
Absolutely! The Senior College has a Scholarship program that can provide both Membership and Course support. Download and print the Senior College Scholarship document and mail it to the address on the form.

When are Senior College classes offered?
The Senior College offers three regular semesters of classes and activities.

  • Fall -- 2nd week of September through 3rd week of October. (These classes typically meet for two hours once a week for 6 weeks)
  • Spring -- 2nd week of March through 3rd week of April (These classes typically meet for two hours once a week for 6 weeks)
  • Summer -- 1st week of June through last week of June (Summer classes typically meet for two hours once a week for 4 weeks)
  • Winterim -- A “mini-session” in January and February that consists of a variety of short term classes and activities, usually 1 to 3 sessions each and often accompanied by one or two singularly unique programs.

Who Teaches Senior College Classes?
Classes are taught by volunteer instructors who come from varied backgrounds. Many are retired educators and professionals within the community with special expertise to share. Other courses are presented by folks with special interests, qualifications and experiences.

When does registration open for each quarter?
Approximately 3 to 4 weeks before each semester begins. Check the website, watch for the newsletter in the mail, sign up to receive Senior College Newsletter, or watch for the advertisements in the Kearney Hub and area newspapers.

I’d like to teach a Senior College class. What do I have to do?
If you are interested in offering a class or event, please submit your request to the Curriculum Committee on this form, Course Proposal Form.pdf. Also, if you have suggestions for a course or courses for Senior College, please submit your suggestions to the Curriculum Committee. We are always looking for instructors and facilitators in all fields of knowledge, from art to zoology and everything in between.

Where do Senior College classes meet?
Senior College classes meet at a variety of places around the community. In cooperation with the University of Nebraska at Kearney, we are able to use classrooms and meeting spaces. We also offer classes at the Kearney Public Library, Peterson Senior Center in Yanney Park, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and Museum of Nebraska Art. The class schedules always contain information on the specific location of classes. The following Campus Maps can assist you in getting around the campus.

Do I have to be a member of the Senior College to attend classes, special events and trips?
Yes and No. Membership is required for most of the primary activities of the Senior College – regular semester classes, classes that meet 2-3 times, social events, and travel programs. Periodically, Senior College will present one-time-only classes that are open to members and non-members. These are most often part of the January-February “Winterim” program.

Are hearing devices available for lectures and movies?
Classes offered at Kearney Pubic Library and Ockinga Center (UNK) are supported by microphones and sound systems. Kearney Public Library also has a portable “loop” system for support hearing devices. Other venues may or may not have hearing assistance. In most cases, these venues are small enough to allow normal conversation and interaction.

Can I bring my out-of-town guests to lectures and events?
YES, of course. We're happy to help you entertain your guests and show them what Senior College is all about.

Can I take Senior College classes if I have never been to college?
Absolutely!  Senior College classes are open to everyone aged 50 and older. The only prerequisite is a love of learning. Many of your fellow classmates have not been to college.

Will I receive college credit for Senior College classes?
No. Senior College classes are for your personal enrichment – just learning for the fun of it!

Are there tests or grades?
No. Senior College classes are for your personal enrichment. Some instructors may provide outside readings or other assignments to enhance the course content. You decide how much you wish to be involved in the materials of the class.

What if I have to miss one or more classes?
There is no penalty for missing classes—except that you will miss out on the information presented that day. However, if you register for classes that you do not attend, you may prevent another member from filling that place so make sure your schedule is clear. Because many seniors lead active lives, it is not unusual for a student to miss a class for a variety of reasons. Shoot, you can even come to a class and sleep through it – but we bet you won’t.

Can you accommodate my disability or special needs?
Senior College classes are presented in a variety of settings. In almost all cases, they are handicapped accessible.  If you have other special needs, please contact the Senior College Chair or Curriculum Committee Chair well in advance of your class to discuss your particular needs. If there are special environmental conditions associated with a particular class, they will be clearly noted in the class description.

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