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Cities: History, Evolution and Future

We live in them and can’t live without them. In 1800 20% of Americans lived in cities; in 1900 30% lived in cities; in 2020 80% live in cities. The Urbanization “experiment” has changed the human experience as much or more than the invention of fire. We’ll explore the history and evolution of urbanization along with the models we use for making the   urban environment more livable and less chaotic.

This class will be presented through Zoom.

Plants and Gardening 101 - Back to the Basics

Do you ever feel like you’ll never know it all about your plants or garden? Me too! Join us this spring as we go back to the basics on several plant and gardening topics. We will cover the best growing environment for plants; identifying trees and that nasty Emerald Ash Borer; container vegetable gardening and a deeper look into caring for prickly but beautiful roses.

This class will be presented via Zoom and may be recorded.

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