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Election 2020: Three Really Great Professors Talk About Election History & Politics!

It’s election time and here is a unique opportunity to join three UNK Professors  for a wide-ranging discussion of the history, politics, and economics of past and present elections, culminating in a post-election round table on November 5.

  • Oct 1             "Historical Perspectives on Conservatism in the Midwest.”  Dr. Linda Van Ingen
  • Oct 8            “The Institutional Structure of Elections and the Health of American Democracy.”  Diane Duffin 
  • Oct 15           "Historical Perspectives on Black Lives Matter and Women in Politics.”  Dr. Linda Van Ingen
  • Oct. 22          “Cutting Through the Noise – How is the Economy Actually Doing?”   Dr. Allan Jenkins
  • Oct. 29          “A President’s Economic Agenda – Supply Side or Keynesian?”   Dr. Allan Jenkins
  • Nov 5        “A Post-Election Discussion with Three Really Great Professors.”   Van Ingen, Duffin, Jenkins

INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Diane Duffin, UNK Political Science; Dr. Allen Jenkins, UNK Economics; Dr. Linda Van Ingen, UNK History        
DATE: Thursdays, October 1 - November 5
TIME: 1:30 pm
LOCATION: via Zoom
COST: $35

At least 2 days before this Zoom class you will receive an email with a URL and Password for the class. With that information you will be able to join the class 15 minutes prior to the starting time. For classes meeting more than one time, you will receive a different URL and Password each week.

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