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Spring Semester Classes

With snow on the ground it's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner but it is! While you wait for the first spring flowers, consider taking one or more of the spring semester classes with your Senior College friends.

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Inspecting the Continent

The natural landscape is a product of the interactions between a wide range of geologic and atmospheric forces. This class will explore many of the diverse landscapes of North America and discuss how they formed and, where possible, discuss how landforms impact both natural and cultural history.

T'ai Chi

Want to relax better, improve your balance, gain greater strength, achieve better coordination, cope better with stress, and sleep better? Give T'ai Chi a try! Have fun while you are helping yourself to a more active and enjoyable lifestyle.

Nazi Germany

Roy Koepp is an Assistant Professor of Modern European History. His academic specialties are Modern Germany (19th and 20th Centuries), the Holocaust, and World War I-II era. This class will focus on Nazi Germany.

NOTE: This class will not meet March 19th; last class will be April 23rd

The History of the Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Power

Professor Glasser–who worked with the Atomic Energy Commission and has traveled to nuclear sites in New Mexico– will explore the important history of atomic energy from discovery through bombs and nuclear energy to radon exposure in central Nebraska.

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Join the Starship “Senior Enterprise” for a trip through the Solar System, to the nearest star, to the Milky Way, the Swan Nebula, the Galactic Center, to the very edge of time and the universe. (Spacesuits are optional.)

The Broadway Musical

Mickey Rooney said to Judy Garland “Let’s Do A Show!” But, how do you “do” a show? How do you get from “idea” to “opening night”? How is text matched to music and dance? What makes a great musical and how have musicals changed over the years? So, put on your singin’ and dancin’ shoes and come join the “show.”

NOTE: This class will not meet March 21st; last class will be April 25th

The Unvanquished: Faulkner, Courage and Southern Shenanigans

There are many great writers but only a few are loved or hated across the great divides of race, gender, class, education and orientation like William Faulkner. Whether you have read Faulkner or not, you should find this class a profitable and rewarding way of reading his work.

NOTE: This class will not meet March 21st; last class will be April 25th

Controversy In the Visual Arts

“ Is it art? Is it ‘good’ art? Who says? Should art have a ‘moral’? What are the controversies in visual arts?” This course will examine these and other questions to discover how controversies about art reflect our own biases and the attitudes/beliefs of the time and place in which the works were created

TED Talks

Have you ever stumbled across a TED Talk on You Tube or listened to one on NPR? If so, you already know that the subjects can be serious or quirky, deeply emotional or highly intellectual. And you also know that no matter the subject, the talk is bound to get you thinking and anxious to talk with someone about it. For each weekly class, two or three TED videos on a specific topic will be presented followed by a group discussion on the “topic of the week.” So put on your “thinking cap” and come and join the adventure.

Limited Enrollment – Maximum 25.


New Frontiers: A Senior College Lecture Series

Each year the University of Nebraska-Kearney publishes an edition of “New Frontiers” which spotlights UNK faculty researchers whose work is of significant quality, value and interest. For each of the six weeks of this class, participants will hear a lecture from a “New Frontiers” scholar and then have the opportunity to have an open discussion with the scholar. Additionally, we will host two undergraduate students who have gained special recognition for their work through the Undergraduate Research Program at UNK. Among the topics we shall hear are “Framing the Future for Fuels (Ethanol)”, “Printmaking and Drawing”, “The Search for Extraterrestrial Life”, and “Motivated by Mint.”.

NOTE: This class will not meet March 22nd; last class will be April 26th

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