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The Politics of Public Education

Public education, as originally conceived in the United States, served the twin goals of assimilating new Americans into the mainstream of society and of preparing young people to shoulder their responsibilities as citizens in the burgeoning democracy. This class explores how and why public education transitioned from its role as the “great leveler” to the battleground for contemporary culture wars. Weekly topics will include 1) the history and philosophy of democratic education, 2) social goals assigned to public schools, 3) the rise of a “market-based” philosophy of education and  4) contemporary debates in and around schools. As always, we will rely on theory to help us make sense of the world and strive for candid discussions that respect diverse points of view.

INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Diane Duffin & Dr. Jane Ziebarth-Boville
DATE: Mondays, June 5 - 26
TIME:  1:00 - 3:00 pm
LOCATION: Ockinga Auditorium, UNK
COST: $35



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